Economic Development

It was very exciting over the last years to welcome Walmart, Wendy’s, Kneader’s, Taco Bell, Denny’s, Sean’s BBQ, Maurice’s, tons of banks, Del Taco, and most recently our Smith’s Marketplace complex “The Crossing”.

We need to continue to attract additional commercial businesses, especially entertainment opportunities.  We are just weeks away from announcing an amazing new entertainment development in Saratoga Springs.  Residents have been asking for this over the years and it is finally coming to fruition. I have worked tirelessly with prospective businesses and have built relationships with them over the years. I will continue to work with the contacts I have made to see even more commercial businesses make Saratoga Springs their home.

We also need class A office building space so we can give residents the opportunity to not only live and play in Saratoga Springs, but to work here as well.



Saratoga Springs has a three way partnership when it comes to their roads. They include, UDOT, the County and the City (not to mention the many private roads in the city).  It is critical to be able to talk the talk and leverage the relationships with these organizations as we strive to meet the growing transportation needs of the city. What will you do to improve the roads in your city? I have already worked diligently with the county and UDOT to get many road expansions, extensions, and traffic signals on an expedited time table.  The widening of Redwood Road for example was not slated to even start until late 2018 early 2019 and the Council and I worked diligently to communicate our needs and the urgency to UDOT and they agreed to move the time table up by 18 months.  I have also been a champion of preserving transportation corridors of land for future road needs in the city.


We have the necessary water rights for growth in Saratoga Sprigns; it is making sure that the infrastructure is up to the demand.  Saratoga Springs is a long narrow city which brings with it many challenges.  Water in particular likes to run in a circle, which is difficult due to our development patterns and topography.  I am very familiar with our needs and have approved many secondary water projects to address these issues.  I also know what needs to come next and can effectively allocate tax payer dollars appropriately to meet the most pressing issues first.  In my time on the council I have never raised taxes and in fact lowered taxes twice when it was appropriate.  I believe that we can address our growing pains and not put the burden on the backs of taxpayers.  Conservative principles really do work and I am known for being thorough in my review with city staff when they ask for more money for projects.

What Makes Saratoga Springs Just Better!


Our location is strategically unprecedented.  We are very close to the "Silicone Slopes" explosion of new business in Northern Utah County which brings high paying jobs for our residents.  We have amazing vistas and parks/open space in the city which we have been recognized globally for (Neptune Park was named the best public park in a city of our size in multiple magazines and books over the last few years).
Open Space:

Open space once gone can really never be replaced.  We need to make sure that the ordinances and policies in place address these needs and maintain an equal playing field for all land owners within the city.  I believe that in recent years we have done much better to define what is truly considered open space and have set parameters to preserve it.  I will continue to fight for this within the city.

I think the thing that makes our city so great is our volunteers.  We have the best library, because it is mostly run by volunteers, we have the best civic events team because it is supported by so many volunteers, our Citizens assisting police program is an amazing volunteer program that keeps our police department connected to the residents.  I can go on.  These volunteers bring their passion for the city and make us so much better and they save us thousands of dollars every year as well!  I want to thank all the volunteers for getting up and giving back to the community they love.